Historic Tenderloin  

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The Tenderloin Merchant and Property Owner’s Association gives Tenderloin business owners a new voice.  Ours is the first and only Merchant and Property Owner’s Association representing the entire diverse Tenderloin community. Our membership reflects the diversity of Tenderloin businesses -- Asian, Arab, and Hispanic -- and has a majority of Board positions filled by women.

TMA brings merchants and property owners together to promote and create a positive business climate, improve the health and safety of their community, and advance business success and self-sufficiency.  Investment, marketing, and advocacy are primary objectives.  TMA improves the community by strengthening Tenderloin businesses and developing business leadership.

Some brief history into the Tenderloin.

 Beginning in the late 1970s, after the Vietnam War, the Tenderloin received large numbers of refugees from Southeast Asia—first Chinese from Vietnam, then Khmer from Cambodia and Hmong  from Laos. The low-cost vacant housing, and the proximity to Chinatown through the Stockton Street Tunnel, made the area appealing to refugees and resettlement agencies. Studio apartments became home for families. Today the Tenderloin has the highest population of children anywhere in San Francisco.