Aref Elgaali (President)

Business owner representative

 Z Zoul Cafe.


Abbie Chin (Secretary)

Business owner representative

 Clarence Dyer & Cohen LLP.

Sarah Budsabagorn (Treasurer)

Business owner representative

Lers Ros Thai Restaurant 

Dr. Linda Yip (ConfiDental Smile)  

Property owner representative

731.735.739 Larkin Street 


Thao Pham (Turtle Tower) 

Property owner representative

 645 Larkin Street

 Amanda Michael

Business owner representative

Janes Coffee. 

Backer Alkhyat

Business owner representative

Rainbow Market and Deli.

Libby Truesdell

Business owner representative

Brenda's French Soul Food

Andrea Fogelbach

Business owner representative 

Slingshot Cafe

Board Directory & Executive Board

Board of Directors

1390 Market St Suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94102

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